Numbers Continue to Show Downward Trend of COVID-19 in Iowa

IOWA - Iowa's COVID-19 numbers continue to show the virus is on a downward trend in the state.

Only one county has a high positivity rate as of Thursday morning, a complete reversal from November when nearly every county had reached that level.

Hospitalizations have dropped by 80 percent since their peak and are now at their lowest level since mid-September.

Deaths have also rapidly declined since December.

There continues to be concern that newer strains of the virus could lead to another spike in COVID19 cases, both nationally and in Iowa.

The New York Times COVID-19 tracker now shows no states with an increase in virus cases. It's charts of every state show a downward slope.

What Classifies as A High Positivity Rate in Iowa?

Iowa counties are classified as having a high positivity rate when their levels reach 15 percent over a 14-day average.

The state allows school districts inside counties that reach the 15 percent threshold to opt for online only classes.

A new law passed by the legislature last month requires all districts to offer an option for all in-person classes. Since then, a growing number of school districts have eliminated hybrid learning, which is a combination of both online and in-person classes.

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