How do you stay warm in freezing weather?

According to my trusty weather app, it's -17 actual temp outside as I write this.

I know when I walk Reagan after I finish posting the daily poll, every breath I take I will feel the moisture in my nose, freeze!

And talking of Reagan... I suspect I will have to carry him home again. He still eats snow, but after just three minutes being out there, the metal in his leg makes him limp. If we don't get back fast, he will lift that left rear leg and won't put it back down. Then he will simply stop walking.

So despite the metal in my back, I have to pick up the big guy, put him on my shoulder and carry him home.

I can't tell you how much I hate this weather. I hate the dry skin; I hate wearing layers; I hate getting into my very cold car after work and of course I hate not going out as much. You'd think after ten years I'd be used to it, but no. So staying warm becomes our focus!

How do you stay warm in weather like this?

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