Bill in Iowa Would Let Grocery and Liquor Stores Refuse Bottle Redemptions


DES MOINES, Iowa - A bill in the Iowa legislature would let grocery and convenience stores do away with redemptions for bottles and cans.

It would let the stores refuse to accept nickel-deposit beer, soft drink and liquor containers if there's a redemption center within 20 miles.

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association favors the bill, saying grocers shouldn't be in the waste collection business.

A number of Iowa residents are against the bill, saying a 40-mile round-trip for a bottle redemption is too far.

Environmental group the Sierra Club is also against the measure.

Republican State Senator Ken Rozenboom Oskaloosa introduced the bill, which passed out of a subcommittee this week.

He says the nickel-deposits, which if not redeemed are kept by beer and liquor distributors, is turning into a large amount of money. Rozenboom's bill would turn that money over to the state.

Iowa's redemption law, known as the Bottle Bill, has been in place since 1978.

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