Iowa Governor receives COVID-19 vaccine

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has received a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Reynolds is urging all Iowans to get a vaccine as soon as they are able to. During today's (Wednesday's) news conference she also addressed concerns that the newest vaccine does not have as high an efficacy rate as vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna.

Dr. Patrica Winokur of the University of Iowa College of Medicine was featured in today's news conference, to address the concern as well. Dr. Winokur says the J & J vaccine has had the same stringent testing as other vaccines, and it's slightly lower efficacy rate should not be a concern. The added advantage of the J & J vaccine is it is just one dose and does not require refrigeration.

Governor Kim Reynolds says 23-percent of eligible Iowans have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine. She says 70-percent of Iowans 65-and-older have gotten at least one dose. Reynolds is also addressing a lag in the 2nd dose. She says the delay was caused by a pharmacy reporting glitch, but has been fixed.

The state is starting a mass vaccination effort for large employers, including those in meat processing, ag production, manufacturing, and distribution. Reynolds says that process should take five weeks, and involves nearly 200-thousand essential workers across the state.