Iowa House Passes Bill to Allow Home Delivery of Alcohol 

Uber Eats app and logo

Uber Eats app and logo

DES MOINERS, Iowa - Home delivery of alcohol by service such as Uber Eats could soon become legal in Iowa. 

The Iowa House has nearly unanimously passed a bill to allow third party delivery of alcohol from restaurants and grocery stores to homes. 

State law currently requires a business employee to use a car owned by the business to make those deliveries. 

Lawmakers noted while passing the bill Wednesday evening that most restaurants and grocery stores don't have even enough workers to make home deliveries. 

The bill will now go to the Iowa Senate. 

Governor Reynolds temporarily allowed restaurants and bars to sell carry-out cocktails during the peak of pandemic restrictions last year. Iowa then became the first state in the country to formally allow cocktails to-go. 

The bill passed by the House requires delivery services and retailers to have written agreements before third-party alcohol delivery would be allowed. Those agreements would be overseen by the state's Alcoholic Beverages Division.