Do you think Iowa will ever reach herd immunity for the Rona?

For the second week in a row the State has turned down part of it's vaccine allotment from the Federal Government - this time a massive 71% of what we could have received, but demand has weakened considerably.

Iowa Department of Public Health and Safety spokeswoman, Sarah Ekstrand, told the Des Moines Register, 88 of Iowa's 99 counties said they didn't need their allotment - an increase from 80 in the previous week.

“As we have shared before, these counties are doing exactly the right thing by only accepting the volume of vaccine that they can confidently administer,” Ekstrand said.

Just last month Iowa broke a record by giving 51,322 vaccine shots in one day, but last week the highest daily total was 23,159.

Just short of 57% of Iowans have now received at least one shot. Seventy per cent at a minimum have to have received full vaccination to reach herd immunity. Do you think Iowa will ever get there?

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