Water Works Urges Des Moines Residents to Watch Water Use in Weekend Heat

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- With low river levels and high temperatures this weekend, Des Moines Moines Water Works has a few suggestions.

Water Works is asking customers to mind their water use during this weekend's heat.

"We're asking folks to be smart about their lawn watering, make sure they don't over water. I think we've all seen lawns that are watered until water starts running down the street. We'd like to see them not water at the hottest part of the day," said Tim Corrigan with Des Moines Water Works.

With temperatures expected in the 90s this weekend, the National Weather Service also has a few suggestions.

"It's not necessarily what I would call dangerously hot, but given the fact this is the first real summer heat we've seen, our bodies aren't really used to it yet," said Meteorologist Jim Lee.

The National Weather Service says the hottest points of each day this weekend are between 1 and 6 p.m.

Water-use was up 16% in Des Moines in May.

Water Works says rain last week increased levels on the Raccoon River slightly, but water flow is still well below normal.

Humidity will return Sunday evening, with a chance of storms next week.

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