Iowa Launches Ad Campaign to Encourage People to Get COVID-19 Shots

Close-up of doctors hands holding Covid-19 vaccine and syringe

IOWA - Iowa has a new ad campaign to encourage more Iowans to get a Covid-19 shot.

Two ads are running on TV and online.

One has scenes of summer activities and a return to normalcy, while the other shows Iowa National Guard General Ben Corell, who was hospitalized for a week with COVID-19.

Vaccinations in Iowa, like much of the country, have fallen off after an initial surge when they became widely available.

The ads are endorsed by Governor Kim Reynolds, who says getting a shot is a personal decision. “Getting vaccinated is the best way to overcome the pandemic and get life back to normal, but it’s also a personal decision that’s unique to each individual,” said Reynolds. “The goal of this campaign is to connect with Iowans in a variety of ways with messages that communicate benefits that relate to them.”

Iowa Department of Public Health Director Kelly Garcia stressed the need to reach as many people as possible with the campaign, “As eligibility further expands to the pediatric population, it’s also important that we reach an even more diverse groups of Iowans, including teens and their parents or guardians, with information about the vaccine,” said Garcia. “That means getting creative with how we deliver messages through traditional and digital channels.”

According to a release from the state, the ad campaign will run on broadcast, cable and connected TV; digital video channels including You Tube, Hulu and TikTok; traditional and digital radio channels which will include spots in English and Spanish; social media; online advertising; and billboards.

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