Des Moines Water Works Raising Flashboards to Address Low Water Levels

Public Works crews raise the flashboards on the Raccoon River. Photo: Des Moines Water Works

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines Water Works is taking action to address abnormal drought in the city.

It says the Raccoon River's water level is so low, there are some places people can walk across.

The river is also flowing significantly slower than it's average. On Facebook, it says the water level is flowing "less than 300 cubic feet per second compared to the median 4,000 cubic feet per second."

This week, crews are raising the flashboards on the Raccoon River because of the dry conditions.

They say the large metal gates will go up and create a pool of water near the Fleur Drive Treatment Plant, raising the water level in the area.

They say boaters, kayakers, and canoers should be aware of the low damn and watch for portage trails and signs hanging above the dam.

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