Polk County offering big cash prizes, for COVID vaccinations

Photo: Getty Images

(Polk County, IA) -- Polk County residents vaccinated against COVID-19 will have the chance to win cash.

The Polk County Board of Supervisors has approved a vaccine incentive program. Starting June 25th, fully immunized Polk County residents 18 and older can enter to win cash prizes.

Every two weeks, one $50,000 grand prize and one $5,000 scholarship will be given away. There will also be 10-weekly $1,000 prizes.

Register to win by clicking HERE. Residents can also call 515-323-5221 to register.

Polk County residents who were vaccinated outside the county an also enter.

Winners will be drawn randomly. Officials will confirm they are a resident of Polk County and use health records to confirm they’ve been vaccinated.

Supervisors say more incentives will be offered at vaccine clinics.

Only those fully vaccinated by August 22nd will be eligible for the lottery.

Funding for the cash prizes comes from the American Rescue Plan Act, not out of the county's budget.

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