Will we ever find out who shot Ashli Babbitt?

Screenshot - Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News

Ashli Babbitt's husband Aaron joined Tucker Carlson last night on Fox News, to talk about his continuing efforts to learn the identity of the Capitol Police Officer who shot and killed his wife.

During an emotional appearance, Babbitt said "Somebody in D.C. knows, I think a lot of people know, but nobody is telling us. And the silence is deafening. I never expected to lose my wife to political violence," he said.

Babbitt's attorney was also on the show and suggested that the officer is the same one who left a loaded handgun in a public men's room and kept his job. "I think one of the reasons they are hiding his identity [is} they don't have a good reason for this shooting," he said. "I think if Ashli Babbitt had been brandishing a firearm and she was shot here the officer would be identified by now and [they would be] pinning a medal on him. So I don't think we have an explanation for the shooting and why they have not identified [the officer responsible.]"

Screenshot from Tucker Carlson Tonight.

No charges will be brought against the unidentified officer who shot Babbitt who was climbing through a broken window next to the Speaker's Lobby outside the House Chamber. Babbitt - a 14-year Air Force Veteran, was rushed to hospital where she died from her wounds.

Do you think we will ever find out who shot Ashli Babbitt?

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