Donation Bins Unapproved by Galesburg, Unaffiliated with Local Charity

GALESBURG, Illinois -- It's unclear what will be done with donations being dropped off in blue bins that have popped up around town.

Galesburg Police say blue donation bins that read "clothes and shoes" are unapproved by the City and unaffiliated with any local charity organizations.

On Facebook, police posted a photo of a pair of blue bins in the parking lot near Hy-Vee on National Boulevard in Galesburg.

The bins appear to be clothing and shoes recycling bins.

Police ask anyone who finds the bins on private property to call (847) 220-3870 to have them removed.

Residents in the comment section noted the locations of the blue bins all over town.

There's an 800-number on the boxes that one person says sends callers to a voicemail that doesn't provide any information about the company.

More than 340 people shared the post.

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