Rubio says the GOP should shift to a "pro-worker agenda" - is he right?

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio has called for a return to "commonsense conservatism," telling Fox News the GOP has an "enormous opening and opportunity" because the vast majority of workers in the US think the left's 'woke' ideas are simply crazy.

Speaking of private union members, the Senator said: "These are people that see what’s going on in America, from a cultural and societal standpoint, and think the left is crazy." Then he said what was needed is a new "political movement that stands on behalf of common sense and individual liberty and defense of traditional values." 

"Union leaders are elected by their members," Rubio continued. "And if their members support a political movement, the leaders will follow that." 

"I think there is an enormous opening and opportunity for the Republican Party because the Democratic Party has abandoned those principles for the woke left," Rubio said. 

Asked about President Trump, Rubio said he "deserves a lot of credit, because he was able to challenge a lot of the established market fundamentalist ideology that had become orthodox within the GOP, showing that you can be 100% pro-capitalism, but also understand the importance of workers."

Is Rubio right? Should the Republican Party become more pro worker the way Trump was?

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