Iowa State Extension offering budget tips amid rising food prices

Man checking a long receipt

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(Ames, IA) -- Many of the nation's largest food manufacturing companies say they've raised prices or plan to do so because of inflationary pressure. Some of the products potentially impacted include breakfast cereals, soft drinks, beer, and toilet paper. It's prompted a renewal in interest in some food budget conscious strategies. Jody Gatewood of Iowa State University Extension say it's always best to have a plan when you buy groceries and then stick to it to avoid over-spending and waste.

She says they post more saving tips on their "Save Smart, Eat Smart" website.

Gatewood suggests people track their spending to get a better idea where they're money goes and how they might make some adjustments.

Other tips include:

Making a plan for what you need and what you are going to use, plan meals

Look at grocery store ads for deals

Buy in-season produce

Incorporate less expensive, canned and frozen produce into budget

Mix meats in with plant-based proteins, use eggs which are less expensive

Avoid a lot of left-overs that might go to waste

Cook more meals at home

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