Omahawks Labor Day air show supports Make-A-Wish Nebraska

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- This year's Omahawks Labor Day air show marked the 38th year of the organization supporting Make-A-Wish Nebraska.

"We’ve been contributing to Make-A-Wish of Nebraska for all those years, 37 our of 42 to be exact, however, we are the longest-contributing factor to make a wish Nebraska, not the most monetarily, but the longest,” Omahawks Club President Luke Hughes tells WOWT.

Hughes says the club has grown to around 175 members. Hughes says the club has kids and adults alike.

“Well I started in 1980 because my dad was really interested in airplanes. [...] I was a teacher at Benson High School, so it’s just neat to see the glow in their faces when they do something new and interesting,” says Fred Wilkes, an Omahawks club member.

Wilkes went on to say seeing the younger generations continue to be interested in the hobby is inspiring.

Every Thursday, the Omahawks hold training sessions for members and guests.

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