Three Iowa WWII veterans ride in Stearman biplane

Photo: Getty Images

(Ottumwa, IA) -- Three World War Two veterans were gifted a ride in a World War Two aircraft.

Bill Jones, Chuck Osing, and Allan Augustine served the United States in the Second World War.

The veterans from the Ottumwa area rode on a Stearman biplane, one of six such restored aircrafts touring the United States. They were greeted by community members and thanked for their service.

U.S. Representative Mariannette Miller-Meeks, interviewed by WHO 13, said:

“A rare opportunity we get to thank those people, the greatest generation. They really not only served to end atrocities in Nazi Germany and the march of socialism across Europe, but also I think were role models for all of us.”

Jones, at age 100, was the first to climb into the plane.

After a 15-minute ride in the bright yellow plane, he was asked about the ride.

Jones said, "It was great, it was real good."

The organization Dream Flights is visiting 300 cities to give rides to over a thousand WW2 veterans.

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