20 years on from 9-11, is America safer or in more danger than before?

World Trade Center Attacked

Photo: Getty Images North America

Those of us who are old enough to remember the events of 9/11/2001 know EXACTLY where we were when we first heard a plane had hit one of the tower. We will never forget.

The incredibly tragic events of that day sparked heroism and a truly incredible effort to get people out of the city and to safety.

Almost 3,000 died and we went to war. Now almost exactly 20 years on as I write this, the Taliban are back in control of Afghanistan and with $85 Billion of US sophisticated military equipment at their disposal, thanks to our current Administration.

Americans, Green Card holders and Afghanis who have helped us over two decades, were all left behind by President Biden.

Today the big question for me is clear. Is America safer or in more danger than before 9-11?

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