26 Nebraska Senators Asking for COVID-19 Vaccine Special Session

Covid-19 Vaccine

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(Lincoln, NE) -- 26 Nebraska senators are looking for votes to call a special session to discuss vaccination mandates.

According to a news release, Senators Ben Hansen and Robert Clements sent out an email to fellow senators to ask for support to ban governments and education system from creating COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Last week, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said he would call a special session if at least 33 state senators would vote to ban vaccine mandates.

The 26 state senators who have signed letters to call a special session are as follows:

1) State Sen. Joni Albrecht of Dist. 17

2) State Sen. John Arch of Dist. 14

3) State Sen. Bruce Bostelman of Dist. 23

4) State Sen. Tom Brandt of Dist. 32

5) State Sen. Tom Brewer of Dist. 43

6) State Sen. Tom Briese of Dist. 41

7) State Sen. Robert Clements of Dist. 2

8) State Sen. Myron Dorn of Dist. 30

9) State Sen. Steve Erdman of Dist. 47

10) State Sen. Mike Flood of Dist. 19

11) State Sen. Curt Friesen of Dist. 34

12) State Sen. Suzanne Geist of Dist. 25

13) State Sen. Tim Gragert of Dist. 40

14) State Sen. Mike Groene of Dist. 42

15) State Sen. Steve Halloran of Dist. 33

16) State Sen. Ben Hansen of Dist. 16

17) Speaker Mike Hilgers of Dist. 21

18) State Sen. Dan Hughes of Dist. 44

19) State Sen. Brett Lindstrom of Dist. 18

20) State Sen. Lou Ann Linehan of Dist. 39

21) State Sen. John S. Lowe Sr. of Dist. 37

22) State Sen. Mike McDonnell of Dist. 5

23) State Sen. Mike Moser of Dist. 22

24) State Sen. Dave Murman of Dist. 38

25) State Sen. Rita Sanders of Dist. 45

26) State Sen. Julie Slama of Dist. 1

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