Supply Chain Disruptions Impacting Iowa Small Businesses

Two big rigs semi trucks in blue tone and different models with trailerd driving side by side

Photo: Getty Images

(Iowa City, IA) -- Business owners around Iowa are recommending that people get their holiday shopping done early this year because of supply chain shortages.

Some businesses say they're waiting on shipments that they ordered in July.

"They're the ones that are like, 'We can't find that material of clothing anymore,'" says Macy Krall, owner of 223 Baby Co. in Iowa City. "We're waiting on a backing of a puzzle even ... and they're doing their best."

Because of these delayed shipments and increased demand heading into the holidays, she isn't sure what supply will look like in December.

Forbes says over 30% of small businesses have been majorly effected by supply chain shortages.

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