Gov. Ricketts Speaks in Support of Rep. Fortenberry

Photo: Getty Images

(Lincoln, NE) -- Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts spoke in support of Congressman Jeff Fortenberry following his indictment last week.

“Having known Congressman Jeff Fortenberry for years, that he is a man of high integrity, and I don’t believe he would knowingly violate campaign finance laws; and I’ll be praying for him and his family as they go through this fight.” said Gov. Ricketts.

Ricketts commented on the ongoing situation during a news conference Monday on the Nebraska Center for Operational Excellence as to the state's COVID-19 pandemic response.

Fortenberry plead not guilty to charges of concealment and making false statements last week in federal court.

The indictment follows an FBI investigations into Fortenberry's 2016 election campaign and contributions made by a foreign national.

Fortenberry is also charged with one count of scheming to falsify and conceal information and two counts of making false statements to federal investigators.

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