Iowa Seeing Rise in Animal-Related Car Crashes

Be aware of deer crossing!

Photo: Getty Images

(Undated) -- Iowa is seeing a rise in animal-related car crashes. State Farm says Iowa is a high-risk state, with a 1-in-59 chance of hitting an animal every time someone gets in a car.

"Most of the times that I've had deer or other animals ... run in front of me, if I get on my brakes immediately [and] keep control of my vehicle, that animal usually gets out of the way," says Bob Conrad with the Iowa State Patrol.

He says trying to veer out of the way of animals doesn't make it any less likely to hit them.

State Farm says animal-related crashes are up over 7% compared to last year, but some say that increase could be partially because of the decrease in drivers in 2020 because of COVID-19.

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