Iowa Prepares To Receive Billions From U.S. Infrastructure Bill

Photo: Iowa DOT, I-80 & I-380

(Ames, IA) -- The Iowa Department of Transportation is making plans for a boost in federal highway spending, now that President Joe Biden has signed the $1.2 (T) trillion measure into law. Iowa's portion is expected to be $3.8 (B) billion for highways and bridges, as well as additional funding for airports and city bus services, for a total expected to exceed $4 billion.

Iowa Transportation Development Director Stu Anderson says the funding for highways and bridges is about 30-percent higher than current funding. He says the funding will be used not only for interstate highways but also allocated to county and municipal projects. In addition, funding will go toward repairing thousands of bridges in the state, deemed to be in poor condition.

Funding from infrastructure bill will also go toward improving rail and air travel as well as the nation's lock and dam system.

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