Nebraska DOT reports 28 fatalities on Nebraska roadways in October

Photo: Getty Images

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Nebraska Department of Transportation reported 28 fatalities on Nebraska roadways in the month of October.

The NDOT says 26 fatal crashes contributed to the 28 fatalities. Eight of the twenty people who died while in a vehicle were not wearing seatbelts. According to reports, four were using seatbelts, but eight others were unknown.

16 of the casualties happened in rural locations. The NDOT says 5 fatalities occurred on interstates, 5 on highways, 8 on local roads, and 1 fatality involved a train.

Of the 28 total fatalities in October, five casualties were motorcyclists and three were pedestrians according to reports.

The NDOT has reported 188 traffic fatalities to date in 2021, which is less than last year's 210 fatalities through October 2020.

In 2021, only 45 of the 157 people killed in accidents while in a vehicle were wearing seatbelts.

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