Nebraska Lawmaker to Propose Changes to Medical Malpractice Law

Photo: Getty Images

(Omaha, NE) -- Changes may be coming to Nebraska's medical malpractice law.

Last month, a family was awarded more than $26 million after their 11-month-old suffered permanent brain damage from seizures, when she was discharged too soon from Children's Hospital in Omaha.

Children's will only cover $4.5 million because of a cap placed on how much hospitals can cover in medical malpractice cases.

“Instead of Children’s paying it, taxpayers will pay it,” said Justin Wayne.

Nebraska State Senator Justin Wayne tells 6 News he plans to introduce a bill in January to raise the cap to $10 million.

“I sum up the cap as profit over people. We are making some insurance companies and the medical industry continue to make profits over people. These people need these dollars, particularly in this case with $21-million in future medical bills,” said Wayne.

The Nebraska Hospital Association is opposed to changes to the cap, saying it would increase health care costs and insurance premiums.

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