Felon Sentenced after Possessing Drugs and a Gun at Cedar Rapids Walmart

Photo: Getty Images

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- A convicted felon who was arrested at a Cedar Rapids Wal-Mart in July 2021 was sentenced to 7 years in federal prison on Tuesday.

According to court documents, 41-year-old Sylvester Cunningham entered the Wal-Mart in a wheelchair, and moved into a Walmart electric shopping cart.

Shortly afterwards, while looking for a lost cellphone, a Walmart employee found a .357 caliber revolver under the cushion of Cunningham's wheelchair.

The employee spoke to an off-duty officer providing security for the store. The officer obtained the gun and arrested Cunningham.

During the arrest, officers found thirteen bags of crack and powder cocaine hidden in his clothing. Officials say Cunningham intended on distributing the drugs in the store.

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