Tuesday Freezing Rain Helps Prepare Des Moines for Winter Weather

Photo: Getty Images

(Des Moines, IA) -- The Des Moines metro experienced some freezing rain Tuesday morning, offered an opportunity to take some snow equipment on a test run.

“Early winter events that are hardly any snow accumulation are a good way to exercise some of the equipment and put it out in the field and make sure everything was working like we expected to,” said Jonathan Gano. “So happy to have a few small events.”

Jonathan Gano is the Director of Des Moines Public Works. Gano tells WHO 13 the city has different equipment to handle the variety of weather that winter can bring.

Until snow totals reach 2 inches, Gano says the city focuses on the safety of roads. The city transitions into snow removal mode after 2 or more inches of snow covers roadways.

Des Moines missed out on a white Christmas, but when snow does fall this winter, metro residents can track plowing progress at DMSnow.org. Residents can also opt in to receive text alerts by texting DMSNOW to 96000.

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