Do you still back Iowa Bill supporting birth gender sports participation?


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Yesterday a Bill that would ban student athletes in all K-12 schools rom taking part in sports outside of their birth gender, moved ahead.

House File 2309 passed out of the Education Committee in a 14-7 vote. It is now up to Republican leadership to decide if it gets a floor vote.

Those against the Bill include Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and Iowa Safe Schools.

“The state of Iowa should never discriminate against a child or a group of children. We are better than that. If we’re not, we should be,” State Rep. Mary Mascher (D - Iowa City) said. “Transgender children are 40% more likely to try and commit suicide. It is not because of who they are, it is because of how they are treated.”

But those against always fail to talk about Title IX and how not having a law like this discriminates against girls who were born girls. Not only are places on high school teams taken away, but scholarships are also reduced.

Ainsley Erzen is a senior from Carlisle and she both runs track and plays soccer. She’s is headed to the University of Arkansas and will continue in both sports.

“This is something that affects me a lot, but is also going to affect so many little girls in the future,” she said. “I’ve had so many opportunities to go so many places, do so many things, accomplish so many things and I want all girls in the future to be able to have the opportunities that I have.”

Do you still back this Bill that bans non birth gender sports participation in Iowa schools?

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