Are you shocked that Biden will comply with Title 42 court order?


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The Biden Administration has announced it will comply with a court order blocking the removal of Title 42 border restrictions.

Many people including some Democrats have been putting pressure on the White House to reverse it's decision to remove Title 42 on May 23.

A massive surge was expected at the border if that had in fact taken place.

Biden was unmoved and it now seems this court order will in fact bail out the Administration.

A Louisiana district court judge has said he would block the removal of Title 42 at least until Biden negotiates a deal with border states. A senior administration official said the White House plans to comply with that order according to Politico.

"If and when the court issues the TRO [temporary restraining order] the department is planning to comply with that order," a White House official said and then complained about the decision. "It really makes no sense to us that the plaintiffs would demand, and the court would order, that DHS be stopped in its use in expedited removal, which is going to prevent us from adequately preparing for the aggressive applications for immigration law when public health expires."

So are you shocked that Biden will comply with Title 42 court order?

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