Grimes Working on New Nearly 8 Mile Sewer Pipeline

(Grimes, IA) -- Grimes residents probably won't see a reduction in their utility bills, but Grimes joining the Des Moines regional waste water authority will save them the expense of building a new plant. Grimes, Urbandale, and Waukee have started construction on a sewer system connecting them to the Wastewater Treatment Authority. Grimes Development Services Director Alex Pfaltzgraff says the project is nearly 7.8 miles of sanitary sewer pipeline.

Grimes Development Services Director Alex Pfaltzgraff

Pfaltzgraff says it would cost much more to build a new city plant than to join the regional WRA. Grimes' treatment plant is running near full capacity as the city grows. He says the project to connect to the larger WRA is costing $39-million. Urbandale and Waukee are contributing $4-million of that. Completion of the pipeline and construction of a new pump-house is scheduled for fall of 2023. Construction is underway in Grimes and Urbandale. You can get updates from Grimes here.

Construction Work Begins in Grimes

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