Omaha Police Out With Fraud And Scam Alert

The Omaha Police Department Fraud Unit reminds citizens to be aware of telephone, email, and online scams.

The unit is following up on a scam where imposters claim to be associated with "Publishers Clearing House."

The scam involves a suspect calling a victim advising that they won a multi-million dollar Publishers Clearing House prize.

The suspect advises the victim to send cash via the mail to obtain their prize money, and to pay for taxes and processing fees.

Information from the "Publishers Clearing House" website advises that:

"PCH and the FTC would like you to know that while consumers of all ages are targets for Scams, the consequences often are more severe for older people, many of whom live alone and have no way to recoup their losses. No payment, fee, tax, or any amount is ever required to claim or receive a prize in a PCH giveaway."

The fraud unit is requesting that anyone who is a victim of this scam or a similar scam to report the fraud to the Omaha Police Department as well as contacting your financial institutions, credit card issuers, or companies involved telling them about the scam.

Contact should also be made with the credit bureaus to dispute fraudulent information if appropriate.

(Image from Omaha Police)

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