Welcome Letter to the 2022 WHO Tractor Ride!

To all registered drivers and participants:

Congratulations on being accepted to the 2022 WHO Radio Great Iowa Tractor Ride. We look forward to seeing you in Atlantic this Sunday, June 19th!

We are excited about our partnership with Cass County Fairgrounds as well as the 2022 Host cities along the route (Cumberland, Griswold, Elk Horn, Avoca, Anita). Below is plenty of information you will find useful as you plan your adventures toward Atlantic.

REGISTRATION TIMES: Registration will open at 12noon on Sunday, June 19th in the Cass County Community Center lobby on the Cass County Fairgrounds. Registration will stay open until 4pm.We look forward to seeing you and having you visit with all our great sponsors. Don’t forget to get your official WHO Tractor Ride T-shirt and Hat!

SAFETY: If you have been on the ride before, you know how important safety remains to the success of this event. If you are new, please, review your safety pledge before arriving on site. You can find the Safety Pledge on the Tractor Ride website at https://whoradio.iheart.com/featured/tractor-ride-blog/ Applications from people who violate the Safety Pledge will be denied for all future rides. 

CAMPING: We still have room for Campers. If you’re looking to camp on the fairgrounds at Cass County for $35 per day, please fill out the camping registration via the Tractor Ride website.

SUNDAY FOOD: We are excited to partner with the Atlantic FFA to provide a concession stand full of great food options for purchase when you arrive on Sunday. They plan to serve from 11a-3p, so as you unload your tractor and visit us for registration make sure to visit them too.

WEEKDAY BREAKAST: New in 2022! We are super excited that the Atlantic FFA has decided to offer breakfast each morning of the ride from the Cass County Fairgrounds for a Free-Will donation. Please help this great organization. Menu items include Biscuits and Gravy, Breakfast Burritos, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls, Coffee, and Juice.

TRAILER PARKING: We have a designated trailer parking area set aside at Cass County Fairgrounds. After unloading on Sunday, simply park your truck and trailer in the designated area on the East and Southeast ends of the fairgrounds (See attached map), and it will remain there throughout the ride. Security will not be provided on site; however, we have asked area law enforcement, business owners, and Cass County Fairgrounds staff to keep an eye on the grounds while the trucks and trailers are parked there.

GROUP/GROUP #: We have finalized Groups and Tractor numbers. Those group numbers have been posted on the WHO Tractor Ride website and Facebook pages. All groups have been assigned based on previous years and tractor speed. It is important that you always stay with your group and keep up with your group leader’s speed throughout the route to keep the ride moving efficiently.

ROUTES: We are excited to have finalized our routes. Monday (is picture day) will take us thru Cumberland before rolling into Griswold where the Griswold FFA will be serving lunch at a Free-Will donation. We will travel back to Cass County Fairgrounds with an afternoon stop at Muller Livestock. Tuesday will take us north out of Atlantic to Elk Horn before heading west to Avoca and the VanWall Equipment Store for lunch, catered by our friends at Iowa Machine Shed for a Free-Will donation. Tuesday afternoon, we will travel back into the Cass County Fairgrounds via Hwy 83 and a stop at Dave’s Country Repair. Wednesday we are excited to head to CAM Anita HS where “brunch” will be served by the CAM HS FFA for a Free-Will Donation.

EVENING BAR-B-Q’s: Please join us both Monday and Tuesday nights for great social gatherings and complimentary meals courtesy of Graham Tire and Nor-Am Cold Storage. 

ROLLOUT TIMES: The WHO Tractor Ride blog has posted rollout times. Give these a quick study before the ride.


Listen to THE BIG SHOW from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. with Bob Quinn and Andy Peterson on NEWSRADIO 1040 WHO for more updates. 

If you have questions, please call me at 515-245-8955 or e-mail ScotKnock@iheartmedia.com.

There is also more great information on our website, https://whoradio.iheart.com/featured/tractor-ride-blog/

-Scott Knock

Director of the 2022 WHO Tractor Ride

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