Lincoln Police Department Officer Shoots 'Aggressive' Dog

(Lincoln, NE) -- The Lincoln Police Department is investigating after an officer fires his service weapon at what the department calls an aggressive dog.

LPD says around 7:45 Tuesday night, officers were at a home near 13th and Manatt St. for a follow-up investigation. Police say after knocking at the door, one officer stepped back from the front porch while a second officer was standing further back. Investigators say a woman answered the door and stepped outside and upon learning that the officers were there to speak to her boyfriend, she turned back into the home to yell to him, while still holding the door open. LPD says at that point, her 5-year-old, large breed dog ran past her outside, charging the officers.

The Lincoln Police Department says officers reported that the dog was growling as she ran toward the officer closest to the porch. They say he quickly retreated backwards and felt the dog bite and pull on his uniform pants, knocking him down in the process, and then let go. Investigators say the dog then charged aggressively toward the second officer. He also retreated backward and as he did, fired his service weapon, hitting the dog. The officer’s momentum caused him to fall backwards but he was uninjured.

LPD says the boyfriend came out of the house, picked up the dog and took her to an emergency veterinarian. LPD say, "unfortunately, the dog, Deva, was euthanized due to her injuries." The Lincoln Police Department is investigating the incident to include review of all available video and witness statements. LPD says officers are trained to handle aggressive dogs and part of the investigation will be to determine if that training was followed. "It should also be recognized that often times situations unfold rapidly and not every aggressive dog can be deescalated."

Police say Animal Control responded to assist in the investigation. Investigators says during the investigation, it was learned Deva has been deemed a potentially dangerous dog, having previously bit another community member. "Despite this, the Lincoln Police Department recognizes how important dogs are in our lives and understands that the loss of any pet is painful."

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