Drug Dealer Found Hiding In West Des Moines Bathtub Sentenced

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(Des Moines, IA) -- A suspected drug-dealer found hiding in a West Des Moines bathtub has been sentenced to 30-years in prison. Investigators say 36-year-old Marcus Burrage was convicted of trafficking heroin in Ames and Nevada. Officers found drug trafficking evidence in Buragge's Nevada apartment in 2018. Police arrested him at a West Des Moines motel, where he was found hiding in a bathtub. Investigators say while waiting for trial, Burrage punched a Polk County Jailer in the back of the head and bragged about it. The jailer suffered serious injuries. Burrage was charged with assaulting a correctional officer.

Burrage, originally of Chicago, Illinois was sentenced to 375 months in prison, as a result of two separate trials, for conspiracy to distribute heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin, and assaulting a correctional officer.

Evidence at trial showed shortly after his 2017 release from prison on a prior federal heroin distribution conviction, Burrage began selling heroin to numerous individuals in Ames and Nevada. Investigators say Burrage traveled to Chicago for his heroin supplies, and April 9th, 2018 Chicago police officers stopped Burrage's car, which had been reported stolen. Burage refused to get out of the car. Officers removed Burrage and searched him, finding 18-grams of heroin and more than $6,000 in cash.

Burrage was, at the time, the subject of an investigation by the Central Iowa Drug Task Force. Investigators in Iowa then execute a search warrant in Burrage's apartment which led to his arrest in West Des Moines.

At sentencing, Chief United States District Court Judge Stephanie M. Rose found that Burrage used violence in his drug trafficking, obstructed justice by attempting to influence a

witness to lie, utilized fear and affection to further his drug trafficking, and maintained a residence for drug trafficking. As a result, Burrage was sentenced to 324 months in prison on the drug

charges and a consecutive 51 months in prison for assault on a correctional officer, for a total of 375 months in prison.

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