Fairfield Teen Jeremy Goodale Requests Location Change for Murder Trial

Photo: Getty Images

(Fairfield, IA) -- The second of the two Fairfield teens accused of murdering his Spanish teacher is requesting a location change for their trial.

Jeremy Goodale's lawyers filed the request Thursday, July 14th, more than a month after Willard Miller was granted the same request. His lawyers argue a fair trial would not be possible in Jefferson County, presenting news articles and social media posts presuming his guilt.

Both Goodale and Miller are facing murder charges after Fairfield Spanish teacher Nohema Graber was found dead last November, her body hidden under a tarp, wheelbarrow, and railroad ties on November 3rd of 2021 at a Fairfield park.

Miller's trial will start on November 1st in Council Bluffs. Goodale's will start on August 23rd at a location to be determined. A Jefferson County judge will decide if the trial will be moved.

Goodale and Miller are both being tried as adults. They were 16-years-old at the time of Graber's death.

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