National Health Research Program Looking for Volunteers in Des Moines

Photo: Getty Images

(Des Moines, Iowa) -- A nationwide health research program from the National Institutes of Health is looking for volunteers in Des Moines this week.

The All of Us Research Program is looking for a million or more people across the country to share their health information to speed up health research and identify health trends. Participating in the program is free, and volunteers can share as much or as little health information as they like. Those that choose to provide biological samples will receive a free report on their ancestry as well as their genetic markers, such as lactose intolerance, reactions to caffeine, as well as information such as whether or not they have an increased risk for developing a serious health condition like cancer or heart disease.

The program is set up at Cowles Commons from 11am to 5:30pm through Friday. You can learn more through the program's website.

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