Wanted: Iowa High School Football Officials

Referee Legs and Flag

Photo: Getty Images

(Boone, IA) -- The first football games of the fall are scheduled for the end of this month, but there's a risk that a lack of officials could lead to some big scheduling changes. Lewie Curtis of the Iowa High School Athletic Association says 1,500 football officials are needed for this fall, but they currently only have about 1,000. He says the strain could lead to games being postponed, especially at the middle school and junior varsity levels. Curtis says the shortage could be even more difficult for rural schools across Iowa.

He's encouraging anyone with an interest in officiating football, or any other middle school or high school sports, to contact the boys or girls athletic associations.

Curtis says officiating can be a good part-time job, and one in which you can choose when you work. He also says officials enjoy the camaraderie that comes with working with crew, and the job also allows people to support local high school sports. He says it also teaches valuable management skills.

He says some officials focus only on football, while others officiate during winter, spring, and summer sports as well.

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