Omaha Double Homicide Investigation Leads To Iowa

Omaha Homicide Unit detectives say they want to talk to a person now in custody in Iowa.

Iowa law enforcement arrests 27-year-old Gage Walter Sunday following a chase and standoff that ended at a church in Winterset, Iowa.

Omaha Police say Walter is a person-of-interest in a double homicide that was reported on Saturday in southeast Omaha.

The victims, 93-year-old Marceline Teeters and 70-year-old Linda Walter, were found dead in a home near 16th and Frederick Streets.

In consultation with the Douglas County, Nebraska Attorney's Office, Omaha Police say extradition will be sought for Walter related to the double homicide investigation.

There are reports the two women are the great grandmother and grandmother of the Winterset suspect.

(Picture from Iowa State Patrol)

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