M.U.D. says drinking water is safe; not affected by brain-eating amoeba

(Omaha, NE) -- Metropolitan Utilities District says the water in the Omaha metro is safe to drink, in light of a possible brain-eating amoeba contracted from the Elkhorn River killing a child.

M.U.D. says it's aware of the news of the child’s death, that they are monitoring the situation and are in contact with state and Douglas County health officials. The District says there is no risk when drinking water treated by them. They says the water supply continues to be safe for drinking and other domestic uses and meets all federal and state standards.

The District operates three water treatment facilities which provide multiple barriers of protection. M.U.D. says the treatment processes are effective in removing and killing the amoeba. The water goes through a multi-step process including clarification, disinfection and filtration. In addition, the District maintains a level of disinfectant residual to protect water quality throughout its distribution system.

For other information, please visit the District’s website.

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