Roads in northern half of Iowa still icy and snow covered

(Des Moines, IA) -- Roads are icy across much of the northern half of Iowa again today, day two of snow-realted calls for the Iowa State Patrol.

"We've been super busy since yesterday at 6am. Our troopers worked through the day and into the evening covering many crashes and motorists needing assistance." Said Sergeant Alex Dinkla with the Iowa State Patrol.

ISP responded to 105 crashes and 145 assist calls for cars off the road yesterday.

Dinkla says they're still getting calls today because of continued flurries and light snow.

"It's not uncommon that we see some of the small snowfalls create some of the worst travel conditions." Dinkla says.

"People might not see the couple of inches of snow on the road, and there might be areas of patchy ice."

Dinkla asks drivers to leave extra space between themselves and the car in front of them in case of a spin out.

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