Missed trash collections earlier this week to be picked up Saturday

(Omaha, NE) -- Omaha residents whose trash was not collected earlier this week should set it out on Saturday for pick up.

Omaha Public Works Department, says that incomplete collection routes and reported service issues from the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday service areas (December 19, 20, and 21) will be collected on Saturday December 24th. Public Works asks to have the carts at their normal set out location for collection Saturday morning.

This does not include residents whose trash service was cancelled on Thursday and Friday due to the weather. Public Works says residents in the Thursday and Friday collection areas will be able to set out bagged and/or canned garbage in addition to their garbage cart(s) for collection next week. 

Those with excess recycling materials can utilize the City’s recycling drop off locations. Go to Wasteline.org for information on these locations.

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