New Year, New Leadership On OPPD Board

New Omaha Public Power District Board officers are now in place for 2023.

During Thursday evening's monthly board meeting, the first of the New Year, directors elected board members, who will serve in leadership roles.

Eric Williams, who represents Subdivision 6, will be board Chair for this year, taking over from Amanda Bogner, who had held the position since 2021.

Janece Mollhoff, of Subdivision 7, is Vice-Chair;

Craig Moody, who represents Subdivision 5, will serve as Secretary, while Mary Spurgeon, who represents Subdivision 3, will serve as Treasurer.

The board also set new standing committee assignments.

Mary Spurgeon will serve as Finance Committee chair.

Sara Howard, who represents Subdivision 2, will serve as Public Information Committee chair.

Craig Moody will serve as System Management & Nuclear Oversight Committee chair, while Amanda Bogner, who represents Subdivision 1, will chair the Governance Committee.

The board also welcomed Matt Core, who was elected to serve Subdivision 4.

(Picture from Getty Images)

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