Wells Fargo Moving Hundreds Of Employees From Des Moines To West Des Moines

(Des Moines, IA) -- Wells Fargo is pulling hundreds of workers out of downtown Des Moines and moving them to its Jordan Creek site in West Des Moines. Wells Fargo says the move is expected to take eleven months. The decision affects roughly 800 employees who work in offices downtown Des Moines as well as another 200 who work at 7001 Westtown Parkway in West Des Moines. Some staff will remain at 801 Walnut in Des Moines. There's no indication that Wells Fargo plans to trim its workforce as a result of the move.

Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie issued a statement about the news:

The decision by Wells Fargo to relocate the majority of downtown positions to their Jordan Creek location is disappointing and frustrating. We believe downtown offers amenities that exemplify the benefits of working in an urban core and matches a national trend that other employers experience in locating their workers downtown.


We are unsure how many workers would be affected; however, this decision follows Wells Fargo’s announcement earlier this month that they were reducing their position as a home mortgage lender. I am confident their decision does not reflect on the quality of workforce or economic environment provided in our City.


As we move forward, the City will rely on its Development Services team and their years of demonstrated and successful collaboration with our community partners to fill this void and to encourage new development and business growth within one of the country’s most vibrant downtowns.


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