Governor Reynolds signs gender-transitioning treatment ban for Iowa minors

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(Des Moines, IA) -- Gender-transitioning medical treatment for Iowa's minors is illegal in the state. It prevents doctors from giving transgender youth puberty blockers, hormonal treatment or gender-affirming surgeries.

Senate File 538 is one of the 10 signed into law Wednesday by Governor Kim Reynolds.

Senate File 482 requires students and staff to only use the school restroom that matches their assigned sex at birth.

Reynolds also signed the following bills into law.

  • HF 337: A bill for an act relating to the use of certain refrigerants.
  • HF 202: A bill for an act relating to explosive materials including blasting agents, detonators, and destructive devices, providing penalties and including effective date provisions.
  • HF 113: A bill for an act relating to the state public defender pilot project for child welfare legal representation.
  • SF 154: A bill for an act exempting hydroexcavation equipment from certain size, weight, load and permit requirements on highways.
  • SF 157: A bill for an act authorizing certain persons to administer the final field test of an approved driver education course.
  • HF 133: A bill for an act relating to refund payments made in connection with motor vehicle debt cancellation coverage.
  • HF 205: A bill for an act relating to the distribution of certain barrel tax revenues collected on beer.
  • HF 257: A bill for an act relating to third-party testers who administer the knowledge and driving skills tests required for a commercial learner’s permit or commercial driver’s license.

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