Des Moines Woman Charged with Vandalism During Iowa State-Iowa Game

Handcuffs with gavel on a wood background

Photo: DenisLarkin / iStock / Getty Images

AMES, Iowa -- A Des Moines woman is facing charges after police say she vandalized more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles during last weekend's Iowa State-Iowa football game in Ames.

Iowa State University Police say 25-year-old Giada Morresi damaged 15 Iowa State Patrol and Story County Sheriff’s Office vehicles.

Police say Morresi's facing eight counts of First Degree Criminal Mischief--a Class C Felony with damage totaling more than $10,000 for each count, and seven counts of Second Degree Criminal Mischief--a Class D Felony with damage ranging from $1,500-$10,000 for each count.

ISU Police say pictures shared on social media generated several tips in the case and led to her arrest.

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