Will Conservative Christians In Iowa Stop Trump?

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I talked about this article briefly in today's show, but wanted to expound on the why Republican Presidential candidates are largely ignoring New Hampshire to campaign in Iowa.

Here's a key paragraph:

The evolving dynamic between Iowa and New Hampshire underscores a growing tension within a Republican Party that must ultimately appeal to both its hardline conservative base and moderates and independents who play an outsized role in the general election. Iowa’s presidential caucuses tend to feature the most conservative Republican voters, especially evangelical Christians. New Hampshire, however, hosts an “open" primary election that allows voters to participate regardless of party affiliation.

Events like the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition presidential town hall and the recent Family Leadership Summit are attended by conservative Christians - who have tremendous power in the GOP Iowa Caucus because some estimates say over 60% of Republican attendees identify as evangelical.

Republican candidates believe that Trump can't be stopped if he isn't stopped in Iowa. They believe conservative Christians are the people that can stop him. That's why I took calls and texts today after President Trump called the heartbeat abortion bill (passed in Iowa) a "terrible mistake."

Conservative Christians have have overlooked Trump's comments and past actions that would have doomed other candidates. Is there a candidate in the race can be "Trump-like" but swing Trump over to their side? That's the question as we watch the poll numbers in January.


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