Great Horned Owl Freed In Iowa After Soccer Net Tangle

Photo shows Raptor Resource staffer rescuing owl that became entangled in a soccer net

David Kester, Raptor Resource Project frees Great Horned Owl from Luther College soccer netPhoto: Decorah, Iowa Police Department

(Decorah, Iowa) -- A Great Horned Owl is apparently okay after becoming entangled in a soccer net in northeast Iowa. Decorah Police were called to Luther College Sunday night after a report of an owl stuck in a soccer net. Luther Security and Decorah Police responded and also requested assistance from the Raptor Resource Project. Thanks to the Raptor Resource Project the owl was freed and flew away uninjured.

The Raptor Resource Project posted pictures on social media, explaining the net had been cut before David Kester arrived, but the own was still entangled. Kester was able to removed the net from the owl's wings, body, and neck, then check it for injuries before setting it free. Within a short amount of time, the owl flew away.

Photo of Raptor Resource Project staffer holding Great Horned Owl, after freeing it from soccer net

Photo: Decorah, Iowa Police Department

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