Confirmed: Taylor Swift Is Good For The NFL

I've been amused that the "sports bros" seem to be annoyed by all the Taylor Swift talk swirling around the NFL now that she is seeing Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Kelce sure isn't minding it - his jersey sales are up 400%!

I've watched both of the Chiefs games at which Swift has been present and yes, the camera cuts to her and the announcers talk about her, but it never actually detracts from the game action. I guess the "sports bros" are mad if you are talking about something other than "yards per catch."

But have no doubts: Taylor Swift is good for the Chiefs and the NFL. NBC Sports reports that the Kansas City Chiefs’ down-to-the-wire 23-20 victory over the New York Jets averaged approximately 27.0 million viewers – ranking as the most-watched Sunday show since Super Bowl LVII on FOX in February. Do you know what was driving the ratings? Women: The ratings increase was driven by approximate viewership increase of more than two million female viewers.

Taylor made for the NFL, indeed.

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