Iowans Touring Holy Land Stuck In Israel Amid Fighting

Photo shows church members at restaurant in Israel

Photo: Gospel Assembly Church, Urbandale, IA

(Undated) -- A group of nearly 20 members of a central Iowa church are had been on an eight day tour of the Holy Land when fighting began between Israel and Gaza. Pastor Glenn Goodwin of Gospel Assembly Church in Urbandale tells WHO-TV every time they've booked a flight out, it has been cancelled. For now they

He says they've experienced numerous air raid sirens, if the Iron Dome fails to intercept a missile. He says when that happens they have five minutes to get to a shelter.

“It’s been really difficult because these airlines have canceled tickets. We have looked at alternatives, we spend several hours every day….trying to get to any other destination out of here where we could then catch flights back to the U.S., and every time we’ve gotten flights, they’ve been canceled,” Goodwin told WHO TV.

U.S. Congressman Zach Nunn says his office has been working with 14 families attempting to leave Israel.

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