Polk County Jury Finds Bravon Tukes Not Guilty

Bravon Tukes hugs his attorney after not guilty verdictPhoto: WHO TV 13

(Polk County, IA) -- A Polk County Jury has found Bravon Tukes not guilty on charges in the deadly shooting at the Starts Right Here education center in Des Moines January 23, 2023. Tukes had been charged with two counts of First Degree Murder as well as Criminal Gang Participation, Willful Injury, and Attempted Murder.

Tukes was accused of discussing the shooting with gunman Preston Walls beforehand and then giving him a ride minutes after the shooting that killed 16-year-old Giovanni Dameron and 18-year-old Rashad Carr and injured school founder Will Keeps.  Tukes had maintained he did not know about Walls intentions.

A Polk County Jury found Walls guilty in September of Second Degree Murder and Voluntary Manslaughter for the deaths of Carr and Dameron. Walls was found not guilty of the other three charges. Walls faces up to 50 years in prison with the possibility of parole, when he is sentenced November 8, 2023.

Statement from County Attorney Kimberly Graham on the acquittal of Bravon Tukes:

“As always, we appreciate the jury’s service. At the same time, we respectfully disagree with their assessment of the evidence. We believe the evidence was clear that Mr. Tukes conspired with fellow gang member Preston Walls for at least a month before the killings. Mr. Tukes aided Mr. Walls by meeting him a half-mile from the crime scene and driving Mr. Walls away from the area,” Graham said.

“Regardless of the verdicts, this has been and will always be a horrific tragedy. We continue to be heartbroken for our community, and we continue to grieve with the families.”

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