Nebraska Game and Parks Approves Nonresident Permit Increases for 2024

Mule Deer Buck Watching

Photo: Jay Scarlett / iStock / Getty Images

(Fort Robinson, NE) --The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is approving fee increases to several nonresident big game permits. It comes after a meeting Friday at Fort Robinson State Park. Among fees to increase are Deer, Whitetail Buck, Turkey and Antelope. According to a statement, Nebraska Game and Parks says the new fees will help offset the lost revenue from reducing the quota of nonresident deer, antelope and turkey permits.

New nonresident fee amounts as of next year are as follows:

  • Deer $332
  • Statewide Whitetail Buck, $747;
  • Statewide Buck, $992;
  • Restricted Statewide Buck, $792;
  • Season Choice Antlerless Only, $92;
  • Special Antlerless Only, $92;
  • Landowner Deer, $166;
  • Antelope, $232;
  • Landowner Antelope, $116;
  • Turkey, $140; and
  • Landowner Turkey, $70.

Revenue from the fees will be deposited into the Game Cash Fund, which supports the wildlife and fisheries divisions and their research, conservation and management efforts. Fees go into effect in 2024. The commission also approved amendments to sportfishing orders regarding daily bag limits, possession limits, length limits and open areas. More details can be found HERE.

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